Add Contacts on the Whatsapp – How to

Add Contacts to Whatsapp:

whatsapp contact list

WhatsApp is the top messaging platform available as the app in Android , Iphone , Windows phone and also as a Web app . On the Whatsapp as millions of messages sent and its the top rated app in Playstore and Itunes . Every smartphone will have the Whatsapp installed , so here is the tutorial on How to Add contacts on whatsapp .


How to Add Contacts on Whatsapp :

The tutorial is about on How to add contacts on Whatsapp , so here are few simple steps on how to add contacts on whatsapp

  • So to add the contacts on the Whatsapp , first the contact is to be added to your phone contact list
  • If once the contact is being added to phone contact book it will be automatically added to the Whatsapp contact list
  • So first enter the number you want to add on the contacts
  • Then assign the name to the number and the contact is being created to the contact list
  • Then go to the Whatsapp and check the contact list and you can find the contact is being added to the Whatsapp


whatsapp contact list1

Whatsapp contact list :

So after you have added the person to your contact list it will be automatically added to the contact list and and you only need check in whatsapp contact list about the contact is being added or not . After the contact is being added you can make the messaging with the person , chat , make a call , add him in a whatsapp group and have a group chat .etc .

Conclusion : So we have learned on how to add contacts to whatsapp ,, and its a simple process , if you find any difficult in adding the Whatsapp contacts then comment down below on this tutorial on adding contacts to whatsapp .

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