How do Free SMS Sites and Apps Work ?

Many of the people how are of age 4o or above today reading this here are from the generation where the communication is through the postcards and we have seen a gradual and fast change in the communication wise in the world. Landlines followed by Cell Phones to Smartphones have evolved in this days. So text messages sending is an era where all the youngsters has used and they had paid money for there mobile operators for the SMS services i. 20 rs 100 messages for 10 days .. Those are the kinds of offers which are being provided by the operators. And people are likely to pay them the money as much as demanded ..

Free SMS Sites Working :

So then the websites have evolved on the internet which are helpful in sending the free SMS for its register at free of cost and there are so many users how utilized those services. Here are the few SMS services for free with internet .

way2sms app and free message sending example


Not only the login but there are many providers which use to work . These Service providers use to buy the bulk sms from the mobile operators and then they use provide the services for its users . But you get the doubt ..How will the company runs .. yes they use to advertise on there websites for the money and they got investments from others .

How Free SMS services have lost or Evolution of Instant Messengers :

The days have gone of SMS and now only internet is ruling the game in the messaging , i.e the instant messenger are being used by all where audi0, video , images can be sent through it … These SMS services are also useful but they are now not utilized like the postcards , and lets see what will replace the instant messengers

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