Give Away!

Nice features include are the two buttons that turn off the charging lights (perfect if you plan to use this in the bedroom) and a button that changes the volume level of the sound that plays when a devices is placed on or removed from the Powermat.

My first test of the Powermat was to place my iPod Touch, PSP and a friends Blackberry on the charging pads. It was amazing to see so many devices together and to not have all the extra cables hanging off the desk. Not to mention trying to find the power octopus so that I would be able to plug in all three devices at once.

In all I think my wife was the happiest to have the Powermat, in our house she is the cable nazi, and is always trying to find ways to reduce the number of cables. She smiled slyly as she watch me carry away all the obsolete power bricks to their new home in storage.

Be sure to sign up for the giveaway, two winners will be selected on September 10th, one for the mobile charging station and one for the mobile charging station. Only one entry per person – North American entries only (please).