PowerMat Review

Just received the Portable Powermat wireless charging, capable of charging three devices wirelessly and one through the USB connection. This portable version upon first glance is nowhere near as sexy as it’s desktop version. However, my opinion changed when I saw how small it could be folded up. The portable version is made up of 3 sections that are hinged and fold on-top of each other. Even when the mat is folded up it allows for a single device to be charged. In the folded state it takes up no more than a 4″ x 4‚” square, that is about an inch in height.

At first glance when I opened the box it was a bit overwhelming the number of piece that were included, however within two minutes everything was sorted and I was immediately charging my iPod Touch and also thinking of the dozens of other uses. The Powermat Portable is fine for charging one device, but it really shines when you have all three pads charging, since the number of required cables for power has been reduced to a single power outlet.