VoIP Hardware Provisioning Web Application

I have received 6 calls over the past month from readers who are having difficulty provisioning their VoIP hardware (specifically Cisco endpoints) and in most cases was able to help get the devices registered – mind you it was quite a hassle over the phone.  The biggest problem is that for the non-geeks this can be a daunting task and many don’t care to spend the time.

The good news is that we have gathered a team of developers to write a totally web based app for provisioning your endpoints with ease.  To start we will support the devices that we actually have and can test.  Within the week we plan to support the following models :

  • Grandstream GXP XXXX & Budgetone Models
  • Cisco 79XX series
  • Several Aastra models (53i, 9143i, 480i)
  • Linksys SPA94X
  • Sipura SPA2102 (AKA Linksys PAP2)
  • Whatever else can be found or generously donated.

We began development on the frontend which has two modes – wizard (basic) and advanced.  We have also constructed working templates for many models listed above which is probably the most tedious task.  We will offer HTTP and TFTP provisioning totally free! as well as the option to download your entire endpoint configuration to place on your own network (if you so choose).